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Duct Cleaning

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Clean the Air you Breathe

Clean air ducts are the basics for good indoor air quality. We know you want peace of mind knowing that the air you breathe is clean and free from allergens. Sadly, air ducts can become tarnished with mold, fungi, and germs, as well as dust that can add up over time and after home repairs. Routine furnace care will not remove the build-up alone; air duct cleaning of your furnace is the only method to improve your home's indoor air quality.

At Gaslink, we use the trusted BrushBeast™ Vacuum System. This mobile system comes right into your home (no large or loud trucks to disturb your neighbours), and removes even the thickest of build-up without any air pollution. Each cleaning receives a brand new HEPA filter vacuum bag to ensure no dust is transferred from one customer to the next. Our system's rotating brush has up to 52 feet of hose and ensures we can clean any kind of duct work your home may have.

We offer competitive pricing based on the square footage of your home. 

Duct Cleaning Pricing:

Up to 1,500 sqft

$299.00,plus tax  

Up to 2,500 sqft

$349.00, plus tax  

Up to 3,500 sqft

$399.00, plus tax 

Up to 4,500 sqft

$449.00, plus tax

Ask us about Video Inspection of your air ducts to see the results for yourself, and Roto Fresh Air Neutralizer, placed in your furnace to ensure it removes any odors in the air.

Gaslink duct cleaning for Innisfil, Alliston, Beeton, Tottenham, Barrie, Orillia & Muskoka, Ontario

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Clean your air ducts can save you money. Clogged air ducts can make your furnace work harder than it has to, and can lower the performance of your system by 20%.  Buying an older home?  Read more about why getting the Ducts Cleaned are an important part of the process