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5 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

5 Tips to Keep Cool this Summer

July 23rd, 2015

Don’t sweat the summer heat!  Whether you are looking to stay cool, or save a few extra dollars, here are 5 energy saving tips to keep you cool and won’t drain your wallet:

1) Close your curtains – Consider keeping your curtains closed during the day, or switching to black out curtains that can help save up to 30% of heating entering your home.

2) Run the fan on your furnace – Whether you are lucky enough to have central air conditioning or not, consider running the fan on your furnace on those humid, hot days.  Just set the fan to the on switch while leaving the heat or cool switch off, and let the fan help to circulate the air inside your home and normalize hot and cool spots throughout.

3) Close the vents in your basement – as the saying goes, heat rises!  By closing your basement vents it helps to force cool air up.  Combo that with your furnace fan in the on position and its already starting to feel cooler!

4) Change your furnace filter – A clogged filter can slow down your system, and make it work way harder than it has to.  If you do have central air conditioning, a clogged filter can actually cause the coil to freeze up and shut off the unit.  Set your calendar to change your filter every 3 months!

5) Consider a lighter exterior – Considering a paint change for that front door?  Building a brand new home and trying to decide on the exterior colour scheme?  Consider choosing lighter colours.  They won’t attract as much sun and therefore minimize the amount of heat radiating into your home

And there you have it 5 money saving, keep you cool tips for the summer.  Now go on relax and enjoy the sunny summer with a cold drink…that always helps too!

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