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Annual Furnace Check Up, Is it Really Worth It?

Annual Furnace Check Up, Is it Really Worth It?

November 8th, 2016

This is a question we get asked A LOT.  The short answer is absolutely!  Over the years this service seems to have gotten itself a bad reputation.  Maybe because some not so trustworthy service guys who went downstairs and banged around for awhile and handed a bill, or maybe no one has ever really explained why an annual furnace maintenance is so important. 

Here is what should be included in an annual system check up, why each is so important to your home, and why a certified TSSA technician should perform it for you:

  • Cleaning of Furnace: this involves not only vacuuming out the bottom of furnace where all debris ultimate lands, but also checking for any water and/or rust.  Not rocket science here, but debris that lands and is left in the bottom of the furnace can ultimately be sucked back up into the system and clog over time.  Finding water or rust can indicate issues with flooding, or drainage and is important to fix right away before it shorts your entire circuit board and ultimately means replacing the unit
  • Pressure Tests: this involves checking the pressures of all gaslines, supply and returns to ensure there are no leaks within the line. It goes without saying that a gas leak in your home is a serious issue just waiting to blow
  • Heat Exchanger: ensuring there are no cracks in the heat exchanger of your furnace is perhaps the most critical step.  A crack in the heat exchanger means the very dangerous Carbon Monoxide or “Silent Killer” as it is otherwise known, isn’t leaking out into your home.
  • Replacement of Furnace Filter: Although an important step for every homeowner to take once every 3 months, replacement of the filter ensures that air can flow freely through the system increases its efficiency.  A clogged filter can force the system can work harder than it needs to, and can cause breakdown issues ultimately leaving you in the cold

A great technician will also check all exhaust vents outside to ensure they have proper clearances to any intakes into your home, and that your thermostat is working properly.  They may also provide you with some helpful tips on saving you money throughout the heating and cooling seasons

One last thing – please make sure all of this is completed by a certified TSSA technician.  When they have completed their work, they are required to sign off with a tag on your furnace and their certification number.  They are trained to know what to look for, and ensure your home comfort system is working as it should be!

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