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Here's Why Spring Furnace Maintenance is So Important

Here's Why Spring Furnace Maintenance is So Important

March 27th, 2018

Springtime is upon us, and with it comes the uncontrollable urge to purge dirt and clutter from our houses in a frenzy of spring cleaning activity. We open the windows, blitz the garage, deep-clean the floors, and generally make our houses sparkle from top to bottom. However, there’s likely one important thing in your house that gets neglected in your spring cleaning efforts, and that thing is your furnace.

It’s understandable why your furnace may not come to mind as an important part of your post-winter cleaning binge. After all, you’re using it a lot less than you used to, and you may have even had it cleaned just before the winter started. Is it really that important to have it cleaned again in the spring? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’, and we’re going to tell you why.

5 Reasons to Clean Your Furnace in the Spring

  1. Your furnace has collected dirt, dust, and airborne contaminants all winter long.

You may have had it cleaned in the fall of last year, and that’s an excellent way to make sure that it’s ready for the long winter ahead. Unfortunately, that was many months ago, and your furnace has probably been running a lot all winter. This means it going to be dirty yet again from all the dust, dirt, and airborne contaminants that have accumulated in your house over the long winter. Springtime is the perfect time to clean out all that winter dirt and dust, and make sure your furnace and your ducts are nice and clean as you start to use your air conditioner more often.

  1. You’ll still use the furnace fan and air filter every time you run your air conditioner.

As you probably know, your furnace isn’t just responsible for providing heat. It’s the sole method of moving air throughout the ducts of your home, which means that even when you’re using your air conditioner instead of heating, the furnace fan is running and air is passing through the air filter. Keeping your furnace and air filter clean regardless of whether you are heating or cooling the air in your home is a wise move and helps make sure you’ve got clean air circulating all year round.

  1. It helps keep springtime dust and pollen under control for people with allergies.

Spring doesn’t just bring warmer weather and urges to clean. For many Canadians, it’s a frustrating time when their allergies start going crazy due to a fresh batch of pollen and allergens being generated with the rebirth of plants and flowers. It’s inevitable that these airborne particles will make their way in to your home, especially as we start to open windows to get fresh air in the house. Making sure that your furnace and filter are clean will help keep dust, pollen, and other allergens under control, helping you and your family breathe easier.

  1. It helps make sure that you won’t be surprised in the fall with unexpected repairs.

Having your furnace inspected and cleaned only once a year means that there’s a full twelve months of operating time that will pass by before it gets examined by a professional again. This is a long time between inspections for something that is so critical to your home comfort. It’s recommended that a thorough inspection of your furnace and home comfort equipment be done in order to ensure that it is all working properly and efficiently. In addition, these regular inspects will help to identify any early warning signs that your furnace may need repairs or replacement before they become major problems. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way in to saving you time and money and helps give you peace of mind that everything is working as it should.

  1. Keep your furnace operating at maximum energy efficiency.

As with any piece of machinery, keeping it clean helps to make sure that it operates as efficiently as possible. Regular cleaning of your furnace helps prevent dust and dirt from building up on the internal components, as well as from gathering in your ducts and restricting air flow. This is the ideal time to change your air filter as well, since a dirty or clogged air filter reduces the efficiency of your furnace and costs you more in energy consumption. Generally, having a clean furnace means that it will use as little energy as possible while it’s operating, helping to keep your energy bills low and predictable.

As you can see, it’s a smart move to have your furnace cleaned alongside everything else in your house as you do your annual spring cleaning routine. Not only will you be ensuring that your furnace will operate as efficiently as possible, but you’ll also be helping to keep the air in your home cleaner and reducing the presence of dust, pollen, and allergens. Regular furnace cleaning and inspections should be part of any homeowner’s plan for preventive maintenance, and the team of home comfort professionals here at Gaslink would be more than happy to arrange an appointment for you. Our experts will gladly answer any of your questions and walk you through all the recommended steps to ensure that your furnace is clean and operating properly this spring. Contact us today to arrange for your appointment and breathe easy with a cleaner furnace.

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Olivia Smart on April 29, 2022 @ 1:58 pm said:
Thank you for explaining that it's a good idea to do some spring maintenance for your furnace to prevent surprises in fall. I've been wondering if we should get our furnace seen now that the weather has warmed up. It seems like it could be a good idea to get everything ready for the end of the year.




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