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No Ductwork? No Problem! A Review of Ductless Mini-Splits

No Ductwork? No Problem! A Review of Ductless Mini-Splits

June 20th, 2019

If you don’t have any ducts in your home, a ductless mini-split is a great home comfort solution.

Central air conditioning is so commonplace these days that it’s easy to take it for granted. However, there are many homes, apartments, condos, and other older structures that simply don’t have the necessary ductwork in them to make central air work.

So, what can you do? Are you doomed to live in a house that’s too hot to sleep & never seems to be comfortable? No way!

Make way for the Ductless Mini-Split!

You’re probably already familiar with ductless mini-splits, although you may not know that is what they were called. You often see these units installed in hotel rooms and stand-alone structures that require a simple, isolated solution for heating and cooling the interior environment. Ductless mini-splits are a very versatile HVAC product that allows for quick and easy installation, simple operation, and effective control over the temperature in a room.

How do ductless mini-splits work?

Ductless mini-splits consist of two main components. First, there is the interior unit that contains the controls, fan, and adjustable vents. Second, there is the exterior unit which contains the compressor. These two components are connected through the wall with a conduit that contains the power and control cords, and the refrigerant.

Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split

It’s easy to see why ductless mini-splits are a popular solution for many homeowners. They offer a great deal of flexibility in how and where they can be installed. Ductless mini-splits can be mounted on virtually any outside-facing wall that has the space and the necessary structure to affix the interior and exterior units.

In addition, ductless mini-splits are extremely energy efficient, requiring very little electricity to run and control the temperature in an appropriately-sized room. And, because the mini-split is used to make individual rooms comfortable, they don’t waste energy heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

Why choose a ductless mini-split?

Sometimes you just can’t install a central air conditioner because of the age of the home or other restrictions. Window air conditioners are a pain to install, and are only useful to provide cooling to an area, making them impractical for year-round home comfort.

Ductless mini-splits, on the other hand, can be installed virtually anywhere and provide effective heating AND cooling of individual rooms and isolated structures like garages and workshops. There are many different applications where an HVAC system like a ductless mini-split is a great choice.

How to get started with a ductless mini-split?

If you’ve got a room in your house that just never seems to be comfortable, or perhaps want to add heating or cooling to another area, then a ductless mini-split could be the best solution. For starters, you’ll want to figure out the size of the area, or areas, that you want to heat or cool. The size and type of mini-split will depend on how much space requires control of the temperature.

Next, you’ll want to examine the interior and exterior walls to determine exactly where the unit may be able to be mounted. You’ll want to look for clear, unobstructed areas on both side of the wall and avoid areas that may have pipes or other conduits inside the wall.

To make things easier for you to determine the best make and model of ductless mini-split, as well as where the optimum location is for installation, our team of home comfort professionals here at Gaslink would be glad to assist in answering any questions that you may have. We can have a HVAC expert visit your home to provide a free, no-obligation estimate for a ductless mini-split, and help to point out any special factors in your home that may influence the placement or installation process.

Improve your home comfort today!

If a ductless mini-split seems like the perfect solution to your home comfort problems, give us a call today and let’s get started! We look forward to helping you make your home more comfortable, all year round.

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