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Upgrade Your Old Wood Fireplace to Natural Gas or Propane

Upgrade Your Old Wood Fireplace to Natural Gas or Propane

October 2nd, 2018

There’s really nothing like the natural scents and sounds of a traditional wood fireplace, and we understand that the ambiance that they provide is something a lot of home owners love. However, they definitely require more hands-on attention than a gas fireplace insert does.

With a wood fireplace, it takes time to get it started and then you have to let it burn out safely. You also need to clean out the ashes and soot regularly, and have the chimney cleaned to avoid a fire hazard. Overall, you’ve got to admit the rustic ambiance that comes from a wood fireplace definitely has some downsides.

Now, compare those factors to the ease and convenience of a gas fireplace, which can be switched on and off instantly and requires much less maintenance and attention. You can see why people may want to upgrade their wood fireplace to a natural gas or propane insert.

Can you change a wood fireplace to use a gas insert?

Yes! You absolutely can change out your old wood-burning fireplace to use a natural gas or propane insert, but there are some things that you will need to consider before you can proceed. Let's take a look at some of the questions you will likely be asking yourself about this project.

Can I do it myself?

You may fancy yourself to be quite handy, but installing a gas insert to replace a wood fireplace is certainly NOT a DIY kind of project. This takes the expertise and equipment of professionals. Talk to a trusted home comfort expert and let them know what your plans are, and they can guide you in the right direction in terms of what types of fireplace inserts are best suited for your needs.

How do I know if I need a natural gas or a propane insert?

Both natural gas and propane inserts function pretty much the same way, but the fuel that your fireplace will use is dependent on the location of your home and whether you currently have some type of gas supply already accessible, and you'll just need a separate gas line installed for the fireplace. Most homes will have a natural gas line available, and that makes the installation of your new fireplace very straightforward. That said, there are some homes that won’t have a natural gas line.

If you live out in the country and you don’t have a natural gas line, chances are you’re already using propane to heat your home. If so, your home comfort expert will simply make sure that it has sufficient volume to accommodate the extra draw of fuel for the fireplace. However, if your home is older and is using electric or oil as a heat source, then you will need to have a propane tank installed in order to provide fuel to your new fireplace.

How can I get started?

The first step towards getting your old wood burning fireplace switched out with a clean and convenient gas insert is to have your current fireplace and chimney inspected. You will likely be required to have it professionally cleaned in order to ensure things are safe and in perfect working order before the new fireplace is installed.

Once you have consulted with your home comfort expert on the best type of fireplace for your home, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs to suit your personal preferences and match your décor. The installation time can vary depending on the location of the fireplace in your home and any other additional factors that can influence the process, such as fuel line access and electrical service locations. Your fireplace expert will detail all of this information as part of the consultation that they will provide to you before you buy.

I think I’m ready to make the change!

If you’re ready to make the change from wood to gas for your fireplace or are just not sure about what would work in your home, then give the team here at Gaslink a call. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions and setup a free, no-obligation consultation for you to discuss the options that best suit your home. We’re ready to help you improve the comfort of your home with the added convenience and style of a new gas fireplace.

Contact us today to speak to a fireplace expert!

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