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What to Expect with a New High Efficiency Furnace

What to Expect with a New High Efficiency Furnace

September 22nd, 2017

If the time has come to replace your old, aging furnace, or if you’re in the middle of choosing all the essential pieces for a new home build, choosing a high-efficiency furnace is the best way to go. As the name implies, these new furnaces are much better at saving energy as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, but there are a couple of things that might surprise you when installing a new high efficiency furnace.

For instance, many homeowners are surprised that their new furnace is actually sizes smaller for their home than their old furnace was. Why would that be? Doesn’t the size of the heater need to be the same to heat the same size of home? Well, no actually. The burners found in older furnaces are much less efficient at producing the necessary heat than newer designs. The technology and manufacturing processed for home comfort appliances like furnaces and air conditioners has advanced significantly in the last few decades. This means that not only are new furnaces much more energy efficient, they also are more compact in size than their predecessors.

In addition to technology improving, recent changes in how heating and cooling requirements are calculated are much more effective at sizing equipment correctly for the needs of your home. It was common for older methods that calculated heating and cooling loads to produce a value that was actually oversized for the real needs. Of course, when it comes to heating and cooling it’s generally better to have a bigger unit than one that is too small, but modern calculations have made it so that the size of the equipment has much less unnecessary overage than what would usually have been selected in the past. Ultimately, this means you’re not paying for more heat than you actually need, which saves you money in the long run.

Another important thing to note about newer energy efficient furnaces, is that you will probably notice that the furnace will actually run for longer periods of time than your old furnace, and be much quieter. This is by design, as it uses significantly less energy to maintain a temperature than it does to let it drop and bring it back up multiple times per day. Older furnaces that were oversized would produce more heat faster, which means they would start and stop much more frequently. Furnaces use much more energy during startup than they do when running at a steady level. Newer furnaces will run for longer periods of time, resulting in fewer starts and stops through the day which means they consume less energy overall in order to maintain your home comfort level.

While you may be accustomed to your furnace operating in a certain manner, keep in mind that as the technology has advanced in home comfort equipment, it will operate in a slightly different way than older pieces of equipment. These differences may seem a bit strange at the start when you have a new high efficiency furnace installed, but the benefits on your energy bill that you’ll see in the long run will definitely be worth the initial investment and adjustments. If you are interested in learning more about how a new high efficiency furnace could save you money on your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home, contact us today and we can arrange a free no-obligation consultation for you. We look forward to speaking with you!

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